The dredging industry, today, demands higher efficiency and bigger capacity as the scale of reclamation works and dredging works has become much larger and discharge lines of such works have become much longer. Dredging hoses, today, face extremely severe service conditions. SRIDHAR RUBBER has developed Dredging hoses to withstand such severe conditions with our advanced technologies and rich experience in the polymer industry.


SRIDHAR RUBBER dredge hoses can be used for following applications (but it is always advisable to seek our expert’s advice before subjecting it to an application :

  • Suction and jet water hose in turn union joint suction pipe.
  • Expansion joint in pump room and loading line.
  • Bucket hose in barge loading line cutter dredger.
  • Suction hose in gimbals joint suction line.
  • Expansion and reducer joints & all dredging suction and discharge applications on ports, canals, lakes, rivers etc..
  • Suitable to handle slurry, mud, silt etc…


Specially designed and compounded thicker lining compounds suitable to handle Slurry, Mud and other types of dredge material. Reinforced with multiples piles of hi – tensile cords suitably impregnated with Rubber. Discontinuous steel rings are provided to take care of suction, crush resistance, and avoid kinking and to improve the sturdiness of the hose. Abrasion resistant, Weather resistant, Sea Water resistant rubber specially compounded outer cover.


We manufacture dredge hoses starting from 200mm ID to 1000mm ID size, duly rubberized built in steel / rubber flanges with MS back up plates on both ends. Testing Pressures: 100% of hoses are hydro statically tested for a proof pressure. 20 kg / sq cm is the maximum working pressure (WP) and are designed for minimum burst pressure as 4 times of WP.

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