Features :

A fender is a bumper used to keep boats/ships from banging into docks or each other.

Fenders are nowadays constructed from a rubber with air or foam. Historically, they were woven from rope in a variety of patterns still used today by historic boat owners.

Boats usually have mobile fenders which are placed between the boat and the dock as the boat approaches the dock. Docks and other bodies to which boats may approach, such as canal entrances and bases of bridges, have permanent fenders placed to avoid damage from boats. Old tires often re-used as fenders in such places.

Marine Fenders

Marine Fenders are used at ports and docks on birth wall. They are used to keep boats from banging into docks or each other to avoid damages to wall. There are many types of marine fenders such as

Boat Fenders

Boat fenders are used on the ship basically. Boat fenders required for small boats, tug boats, etc. Boat fenders also available in different types such as

D Fenders

Application & function of fenders

Cylindrical Fenders

Cylindrical Fenders are commonly used fenders recommended for all types of application to ensure a safe and linear berthing for the different kind of vessels. Fenders are an economical solution to protect most of the berthing structures and offer much ease for installation.

D Fenders

D type fenders are commonly used on Tugs, Vessels, Boats etc. These fenders are also used for extensive application on small jetties and fishery harbors too. They are compression molded with steel inserts if required.