Parker’s Ferulok 24° Flareless fittings create a visible heavy bite allowing easy inspection and a rear compression grip which firmly holds the nut and tubing, dampening the effects of vibration.

Parker’s 24° Flareless tube fittings, Ferulok, have a visible bite which allows the fitting assembler to visually inspect the bite quality, which significantly minimizes the risk of improper assembly and related service problems in hydraulic connections. The rear compression grip of the ferrule firmly holds the nut and tubing, dampening the effects of vibration and extending the life of the joint. Exceeding the requirements of SAE J514, Ferulok Flareless fittings are especially suitable for use with applications requiring tube wall thicknesses ranging from medium to extra heavy.



  • Machine Tool
  • Military Ground Systems
  • Compressor
  • Off-Shore Oil & Gas
  • Power Plants
  • Lubrication
  • R & D


  • Hardened ferrule creates a visible heavy bite so no inspecting gauges are required.
  • Compression grip at rear of ferrule dampens the effects of vibration which extends the life of the joint in rigorous applications.
  • Especially suitable for use with tube wall thickness ranging from medium to heavy
  • Metal-to-metal sealing makes it suitable for a broad range of temperature and media types.
  • Parker’s Robust Port Stud on adjustable ports is manufactured with a longer locknut virtually eliminating washer damage and potential leaks, as well as making assembly virtually mistake-proof.
  • Steel fittings substantially exceeded the SAE corrosion requirements of 72 hours without red rust, lasting up to 1,000 as found by an independent test facility.
  • No special tooling is required for smaller sizes of Ferulok which can be assembled by wrench for sizes up to 3/4″.
  • Stainless Steel nuts have a coating to prevent galling.
  • Offered in steel and stainless steel in sizes: 1/8″ through 2″ with working pressures up to 6000 psi.


  • Hydraulic fluid and gas handling connections