Features :

We are one of the leading manufacturer of PVC Flexible Pipe reinforced with special quality synthetic Yarn on fully automatic plant and it is a result of many years of experience combined with advanced technology.

our hose is made from high quality thermoplastic compound. It is reinforced (Braided) with special quality synthetic yarn cross-wise as well as length-wise giving the tube greater strength and resistance against higher working pressure.

It has superior consolidation and adhesion between the braids and covers as compared to conventional rubber hoses.

Salient Features of PVC Braided Pipe:

  • * Strong enough to without stand high pressure.
  • *Light in weight than rubber hose so easy to handle.
  • *Smooth inner surface permits better flow of fluid.
  • *Does not kick or crack when in use or unused for longer time.
  • *Excellent transparency allow to see, detect flow fluid.
  • *Reinforced tube wall eliminates flows interruption caused by outside pressure.
  • *No damages to the pipe from rodents and
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