Application :

Used mainly in oil exploration and in oil exploring platforms for conveying drinking water from ships to platforms and vice versa. A light weight and flexible hose with cam lock couplings to facilitate quick and easy connection of hoses.

Features :

Non Toxic gum white rubber tube for conveying drinking water. Reinforced with Nylon cords and separated with a high tensile spring steel wire. Sea weather resistant. A red outer cover made with EPDM rubber gives longer life.

SERP ref # Hose ID inch Hose OD mm Max. WP(Bar-PSI) Min. BP(Bar-PSI)
MPWH-32 2″ 50.80 10-142 40-571
MPWH-48 3″ 76.00 10-142 40-571
MPWH-64 4″ 102.00 10-142 40-571
MPWH-80 5″ 127.00 10-142 40-571
MPWH-96 6″ 152.00 10-142 40-571