It meets all requirements for welding, brazing and cutting operations by hand and machine. Although PVC can offer more service life than rubber, but care should be taken not to get the pipe in direct contact with RED HOT METAL surface during the process of welding. Red welding pipe is used for Acetylene while Blue for Oxygen and other Non-Combustible Gases. Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes.

SERP ref # Size in inch Size in mm Walk Thickness mm Max WP (BAR-PSI) Std Length mm
M-WPH-4 1/4″ 6.00 3.00 25-357 50/100
M-SSPH-5 5/16″ 8.00 3.00 25-357 50/100
M-SSPH-6 3/8″ 10.00 3.50 25-357 50/100
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